A cavalcade of carnivals!

History Carnival ButtonThe next History Carnival will be hosted on 1 September by Jeremy Boggs at Clioweb. Entries may be focused on a historical topic, reflections on the particular challenges and rewards of studying, researching and teaching history, reviews of history books or web resources, discussions of ‘popular’ histories, etc. (You can find out more about the criteria at the link on the right.) Email your nominations for recently published posts (preferably since the last carnival on 15 August) to: jboggs AT gmu DOT edu (put ‘History Carnival’ in the subject line of the email).

Carnivalesque ButtonThe next edition of Carnivalesque is to be held on Monday 5 September, and it’s the turn of the early modernists. So please send on your nominations of quality blog posts (preferably posted since about the beginning of July), on any topic to do with the period between (approximately) 1500-1800 CE, to your host, of Rebecca by midnight 4 September, at: rgoetz{AT}fas{DOT}harvard{DOT}edu (put ‘Carnivalesque’ in the subject line).

The Carnival of Bad History will be on 1 September at Dodecahedron. If you’ve been debunking bad history lately, or read someone else who has, they’d like to hear from you.

GZombie is holding the inaugural issue of the Teaching Carnival on 1 September. This will focus on teaching issues in higher education.

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