Bank Holiday musings

I could do some work on my annual progress report for the nice people who pay my salary. I’ve got a month to finish it. Nah, not today.

I could put a couple of hours in on my article, which really is nearly done. Well, three-quarters done.

I could play with my new installation. It looks fun.

Or I could just read my shiny new Reginald Hill.

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2 Responses to Bank Holiday musings

  1. I vote for the novel. As if you couldn’t have guessed! I meant to ask — have you read any of Hill’s Joe Sixsmith books? I really like the ones I’ve read, but he doesn’t seem to have kept up with them much.

  2. Sharon says:

    I’ve read 3 of them I think. (Including one set in Wales.) I like them, although they’re not really his best. Not everyone seems to realise just how much Hill has written that *isn’t* D&P (including one reviewer of the new book who I came across today…); it’s often quite a lot darker and bleaker. This new book is shaping up that way.

    … yeah, the novel won out in case you hadn’t guessed. But I had already done some work today, honest.

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