Spiffing new toy for citations


I’m not quite sure why I didn’t know about this already. It is fabulous. Press one button to record the citation information of interesting articles picked up in those journals’ RSS feeds! (The one-step facility only works with some journal providers. But even doing it manually only takes a minute or so.) Then you can press one button to import the references into EndNote! And they give very clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

I’ve put a link to my library in the sidebar somewhere down on the right. (Bear in mind that most of the articles will be subscription-restricted. But you should at least be able to read abstracts, where there are any.)

I have always been terrible about remembering to keep a record of things I’ve read as I go along. It gets done eventually, but usually only after photocopies and printouts and scrappy notes have been piling up in the ‘To Endnote’ heap on the floor for several months… At last I might be efficient (yeah, right) and make proper use of the technology! (Welcome to the 21st century…)

It also gives me the opportunity to experiment with some alternatives to all those asterisks and footnotes when I’m writing more serious things here that need bibliographical citations. Cool, eh?

(I found it, by the way, in the comments to this post at Crooked Timber, which is about a pre-print resource for scientists called arXiv. We humanities people have so much catching up to do…)

Plus, I now have a copy of Nvivo to try out!

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