‘Compulsively readable’

Is it a good idea to buy an otherwise possibly iffy-sounding thriller (mysterious medieval manuscripts and deadly secrets…) just because there’s a positive blurb on the front by an author you really like? Hmm.

Well, I wanted to make sure I have something for the weekend if my new Reginald Hill doesn’t arrive in time. And I still love the fact that at last I am earning a salary that allows me to just pick up new paperbacks on the off chance that I might like them, and it won’t matter if they turn out to be real donkeys.

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2 Responses to ‘Compulsively readable’

  1. david tiley says:

    I am doubled up with jealousy. That is all in my past.

    You deserve it.

  2. Sharon says:

    It’s really something quite new for me. It’s taken me nearly two years to get the hang of it. But what if I have to get out of the hang of it again in future?…

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