Wireless saga continues??

I still seem to be getting occasional troubles with my connection, which don’t seem to be directly related to the new router and wireless network, but I wasn’t having them before…*

Twice now my connection has suddenly gone screwy in a particular way: I can ping IP addresses, but I can’t get into sites using URLs. (I did get this once before, several months ago when I first installed my broadband setup, and that was a firewall issue. That does not seem to be the problem now.) Last week, I reset my IE settings and it seemed to fix it. This time, the ISP had to reset something mysterious at their end. I don’t understand what’s going on, I don’t want to have to phone them every other week and I don’t like not knowing if the connection will suddenly screw up again.

Additional: I’ve realised something. The two occasions have been at (almost) exactly the same time, same day, a week apart (just before midnight Tuesday). I don’t know whether to see this as a bad thing (seems all the more likely to happen again…) or a good thing (might make it easier to work out what the problem is).

If anybody has any ideas what is going on and can explain them very gently in non-computer-lingo, I’d be pathetically grateful.

*Yes Conor, I know, post hoc ergo propter hoc and all that, but it looks bleedin’ fishy to me. (But after all I still only just about get the thing with the goats and the doors. Phooey to mathematicians.)

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