Nvivo and N6 software

Has anybody here used Nvivo and/or N6 qualitative data analysis software? I ask because apparently I can get copies of them via the university for almost nothing, and I’m wondering just what they do and how easy they are to use. I currently have Idealist, a freetext database program (which I use a lot), and Endnote (which I don’t use half as much as I should) – what sort of capabilities would Nvivo/N6 add to those? Would they take much getting used to?

A few relevant things turned up by Google…

Product overview
Using Nvivo for your literature review
Get started with Nvivo 2
NVivo resources

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3 Responses to Nvivo and N6 software

  1. Melanie Selfe says:

    I haven’t used Idealist but have spent a little time playing with Nvivo. Its lovely (but unfortunately they no longer make it for mac so I can’t have it). Although I was looking at it with a view to using it for interview transcript analysis, its flexible, layered mark-up system, would be good for close textual analysis of any type of document. It has the ability to import and link pictures and clips as well as word files, and if you have text recognition software you can apparently put chunks of text in that way (although what those packages can actually recognise seems to be pretty limited – they can’t even deal with my mid 20th c docs). Given that I did not get the urge to put my fist through the screen – and you know better than anyone my short patience with all things technical – I reckon its a pretty intuitive system to learn. If you can get it for next to nothing, absolutely do!

  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks. Will pop up to Dataprep some time and pick one up. Might report back how I get on. (Or it might just end up another piece of software that I install and never get round to using properly…) So there used to be a Mac version but they stopped doing it? That must be really frustrating.

  3. Melanie Selfe says:

    Doubly frustrating as they used to support the older operating system and I had deliberately bought a slightly older machine to accommodate that. They discontinued all mac versions the same month. grr.

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