Weapon of Choice

Christopher Walken fans: the video online.

(Thanks to a commenter at this post. I’m liking this blog.)

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2 Responses to Weapon of Choice

  1. Steve says:

    Oh, if only….

    I love the first comment on there: “Yeah, but he’s creepy.” That Michelle’s a professor and no mistake, innit?

    Interesting bit of Walken triv for you: If you ever watch the film “Wild Side”, a bit of a pervy thriller by the late Donald Cammell, a lot of the scenes are semi-improv. There’s one near the end where Walken is in full overdrive, making out he’s going to rape one of his male goons while he ponces around his hotel suite in a silk dressing gown with his Max Wall haircut. If you watch Anne Heche at this point, you can see her literally turn her back on the camera as she starts to crack up at his scenery-chewing. He’s just too big for the cinema!

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