Tea cosies of doom

Knitted Homes of Crime

(Hat-tip: Creating Text(iles).)

PS: As you can see, I’m not back to full blogging speed yet. Ah well. But I do have the guts of an article (it has structure; dunno exactly what the conclusions will be yet though), and although to some extent it’s re-visiting old material, I’m also using some new sources and developing some new arguments. Now, if I could work out a way to do two things at once (I really ought to be in the archives right now as well) I’d be extremely pleased with myself.

Plus I am listening to this album that I just bought and it’s really rather gorgeous. (You can click on that link that says ‘audio’ for a taster, I think.)

I am in a good mood today… Much better than last week. There may be some silliness over the coming days.

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3 Responses to Tea cosies of doom

  1. Steve says:

    Here. Strictly for personal use


    Strictly nostalgia (though where’s the Alvin Stardust one?)


    I’m currently listening to JHR on Key 103 debating a pensioner who thinks Tony Blair is too left wing. As Bill Hicks once said: “It’s irony, on a base level, but it’s a hoot…”

  2. tony says:

    What is it about tea cosies and Aberystwyth? Malcolm Pryce is right after all? (Though I never understand what he was saying about them…)

  3. Ancarett says:

    I’m sorry I never got a wonderfully outrageous tea cozy, though my strawberry-printed quilted cozy is quirky enough to provoke a few raised eyebrows when it makes an appearance.

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