Closing old comments

I still have the plugin installed to auto-close the comments form 30 days after posting, and I’m not quite sure why. It was intended as an anti-spam device (though it wasn’t entirely effective anyway), but now that Spam Karma is doing such a good job it’s probably redundant. And it occasionally blocks people who have interesting things to say about old posts, like this one about William Salesbury and learning Welsh in the sixteenth century.

I don’t like to reproduce emails without permission, but I will give this interesting wikipedia entry on Salesbury that I was sent, for anyone who might be interested.

And I’ll deactivate the plugin, while I’m thinking of it. (Although, unfortunately, that won’t automatically re-open threads that are already closed. I would have to go back through the posts and do that manually. So not going to happen.)

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One Response to Closing old comments

  1. I love it when I get comments on old posts. It does happen, sometimes.

    In fact, I’m a bit annoyed that when I imported my old blog into wordpress, it turned off comments for everything it imported.

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