Carnivalesque Ancient & Medieval

Carnivalesque Button The first issue of Carnivalesque A/M has been posted by the Cranky Professor. It looks fabulous, a great start to the new (old) half of Carnivalesque.

(My New Favourite Blog may well be Got Medieval.)

The next Early Modern issue will be out in early September, and hopefully I will have got a host sorted out within the next few days. The A/M side of things is much better organised; we already have the next host (October) lined up. More news later!



The October host will be Alun Salt. He’s posted an advance notice so that you can start chewing over his proposals. What he has suggested is that, since it will be the last Carnivalesque before Halloween, there will be a themed section: ancient/medieval bloggers can have an extra post included if it’s relevant to “Hallowe’een, Ghosts, Witches, Goblins etc”. Additionally, he will accept some early modern entries for the themed section only.

If this experiment works out, we may well make it a regular feature. Bloggers, of course, will always write about what they want to write about, but one of the many pleasures of blogging arises from having different takes on the same topic or theme, and Julie and I rather like the idea of encouraging that from time to time.

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