Dr S- – – -, I presume

A very good friend of mine defended his PhD thesis successfully today. We’ll be going out to celebrate shortly.

It’s odd – I feel almost as pleased on his behalf as I did when I came out of my viva with just a handful of minor corrections in 2003. “Dr Howard”! Woo hoo!

We had much the same experience of the viva – expecting it to be some kind of nightmare torture chamber interrogation, and in fact it was just a really pleasant interval getting to talk about the thing you’ve been obsessing over for the last 4 years. (And we’d both gone over it and come up with long lists of errors and ‘problems’, almost none of which the examiners even mentioned…)

And then the slight feeling of anticlimax. The emptiness, the emptiness… which will, of course, have to be filled with copious amounts of Indian food and alcoholic liquid.

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