Random linkage

I need to install this clever little miniposts plugin in the sidebar (thanks to Jeremy).

Then I would have somewhere to put links to useful looking resources that I’ve come across, without having to think of anything clever to say.

(Hmm. Tested out the plugin, and I’m not sure if I want to use it. It does the right thing in terms of not putting the mini-posts on the main page, but they are still listed in ‘Recent posts’ in the sidebar, which I don’t particularly want. I doubt I’ll be able to stop that. And I’m supposed to be able to edit options in admin, but all I get when I click on the tab is a 404 error message.)

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2 Responses to Random linkage

  1. Bill Tozier says:

    Well, they show up inline in the RSS feed, as well. Which is actually fine, I think.

    Might want to add some sort of prefix to them, as in “ASIDE: Apotropalos”

    Or not. A post is, in some sense, a post.

  2. Sharon says:

    The main reason I didn’t want them to appear in the Recent Posts list (which is itself a plugin) is because I wanted them to have their own listing in the sidebar, just underneath Recent Posts. I like the plugin, but I’ll have to think about it. I could simply add a new section for recently discovered links to the sidebar…

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