Would you like to host a Carnival?

The Carnival of Bad History is looking for a host for its next issue on 1 September.

The world is full of bad history. Best-selling novels are full of it. Nostalgia-dripping reruns on Pax and the Hallmark channel are full of it. Blockbuster summer movies are full of it. Statements by the leaders of public opinion are full of it. Boy, are they full of it. Alan and John thought the world needed a place to expose bad history…

So they came up with a special blog carnival to showcase bloggers who do just that. If you think you could host (or if you want to nominate blog posts you’ve read recently), badhistory@aol.com is the email address.

Julie and I are also on the lookout for bloggers with an established interest and experience in historical matters before 1800 to host future issues of Carnivalesque. I’d especially like an early modernist person for early September. (If I don’t get a volunteer soon, I shall have to ‘persuade’ someone. Could get ugly.) Email: carnivalesque@hotmail.co.uk (or me: sharon@earlymodernweb.org.uk)

And there are always openings for hosting the History Carnival. There are presently spaces from about October onwards for history-minded bloggers. Email me if you’re interested.

(Not sure what a blog carnival is? This explains.)

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