A political digression

Our Great Leader says that 9/11 was a wake-up call, but that much of the world subsequently turned over and went back to sleep.

As opposed to leaping out of bed, getting on a borrowed horse and galloping off in the wrong direction.

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2 Responses to A political digression

  1. No — he definitely did not leap. He stayed around long enough to sack ministers who warned him he was getting into a leaky boat. I’m still not toatally unconvinced that it’s Christianity, more than anything else, that made his decision. What makes me sad is that the Christianity of Dubya should be antithetical to an Anglican or (in the influential Cherie’s case) Papist. I’m pretty sure when the Religious right gets its paws even more solidly settled, the Papists will be the first among Christians to suffer. Idolatry! Meaningless ritual! Denial of sola fides!

    Note: I say this as someone who has noticed an marked increase in students who don’t believe Catholics are Christian.

  2. an increase, a marked increase …

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