What a question

Not that I can be bothered to do the entire thing, but Bitch PhD (like the new look) has just done a book meme with a great question:

3. When you take down a book for reference, how long after you finish with it does it take you to reshelve it?

I have books that practically live in piles on my table… and sometimes the floor… because of my chronic inability to put them back on shelves when I’m done with them. Not to mention the ever-expanding “to read” pile – the theory being that if I put things I need to read in a special pile, I will notice them, and get round to reading them, and then I’ll put them away nicely.

Ha. Well, it is just a theory.

In a similar example of my amazing ability to not see what’s right in front of me, last week when I was using Ingenta to access some ejournals, I noticed that these little orange buttons on certain pages bore the letters “RSS”. I think those orange buttons have been there for some time, but I simply hadn’t previously grasped what they were trying to tell me. Duh.

So, anyway, now I have RSS feeds in Bloglines to tell me when the latest issue of several key journals (for me) is out, and what’s in it. I can download anything I want to read there and then. Yay! And, let’s face it, I seem to be a lot more efficient at reading journal articles than whole books these days. (And why not? Most articles get recycled into book chapters at a later stage anyway, so unless the article’s argument has been substantially updated or I have a particular need to read the entire book, sticking to the articles often seems a much better use of my time and financial resources…)

But I’m no better at putting them away when I’ve done with them than I am at reshelving books. So don’t forget to add in that pile of printed/photocopied articles on the floor waiting to go to the filing cabinet…


The Little Professor, who has a library compared to my pathetic handful of bookcases, has done the book meme too.

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