Carnivalesque Ancient & Medieval

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Yes, the very first AM Carnivalesque will be held at The Cranky Professor‘s place on Friday 5 August or thereabouts. Help us to make it a success!

Are you interested in ancient or medieval history? Carnivalesque is an interdisciplinary blog carnival, and we’re looking for quality blog writing on antiquity and the middle ages (up to about 1450-1500CE) on any topic in history, archaeology, literature, philosophy, art, etc, including issues to do with teaching, researching and representation of these more distant periods.

The key criteria are that posts should contain the blogger’s own writing (not just links or quotes without any comment…) and that, while participation is not confined to professionals and academics, they should adhere to basic scholarly principles of accuracy and fairness in the use of sources.

So, if you see a blog post that you think would be suitable (written within the last 3 months or so), send it in! And blogging classicists and medievalists, you have nearly two weeks to write something (or choose something you wrote already) to nominate yourselves…

Nominations and self-nominations should be sent to: professor[AT]crankyprofessor[DOT]com

Please give the URL of the post, and, if you can, the post’s title, the blog name and author’s name as well. Also, it’s helpful if you clearly put ‘Carnivalesque’ somewhere in the title of your email.

Finally, please pass on the word!

If you’d like to use the Carnivalesque logo above as a link in a post or your sidebar (especially if you don’t have your own server space for images), here’s a bit of code you can use:

<a href=""><img src="; width="104" height= "21" border="0" alt="Carnivalesque Button" /></a>
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