If you’re not a fan

But you want to be able to join in other people’s conversations about the new Harry Potter anyway, go here. (Do not click on that link if you’re actually waiting to read the book or haven’t finished yet, OK?)

Or you can save yourself even that trouble and memorise this (no spoilers really, I don’t think, but I’ll put it under the fold just in case):

It’s just so going downhill, you know. 4 and 5, well they dragged a bit, but this is definitely the worst so far. And, well, we all knew that was going to happen. Although it was quite a shocking twist, wasn’t it? I think I’m in denial. And the love interest bits, well, ugh. And you know, the spells are getting a bit repetitive, aren’t they? It was just so slow. And formulaic, you know? Like she’s just filling in for the final book. I can’t wait for the ending!

There you go. Equipped for the water cooler tomorrow.

Update: The people at CT are obviously in denial about Karl The Man, but on the new HP they have some alternative views (without spoilers) here. If you’re going to fake Harry Potter knowhow, you’d better hear from both sides of the fence. But it’s amusing to read people asserting that it’s fantastic and only snobs dislike HP anyway (etc) when you’ve just been reading fans taking it to pieces.

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4 Responses to If you’re not a fan

  1. ADM says:

    Won’t comment, too big a chance of spoilers, but mostly, yes!

  2. Sharon says:

    Well, I’m now reading a growing body of opinion that at least it’s better than #5… Boy, that twist at the end is giving people a lot of trouble.

    It’s just great fun surfing around in and out of the discussions, when all you know is what you remember from seeing the film of the first book (the bits I didn’t sleep through anyway; a) it was Xmas afternoon and b) it was so dull) and the sort of stuff you pick up through standard pop culture osmosis. I’d forgotten what it was like to be caught up in the midst of that sort of thing. Hmm, I need a new book series obsession. (And although I might read them sometime, it isn’t going to be Harry Potter. Sorry, fans.)

  3. Have you read the Philip Pullman books? The His Dark Materials series? ALthough I liked the Victorian semi-mysteries, too.

  4. Sharon says:

    I liked Dark Materials a lot, but I thought it was one of those series where the ending really did come apart rather. (You know, you put it down and go, was that it?) The first 2 (maybe 2 1/2) books – just awesome. The whole thing was beautiful, though, just for the sheer pleaure of savouring the words on the page, which is not something you come across even the most ardent fans saying about the HP books…

    And I love the Victorian ones. They seem at first lightweight and fun (which they are) but they also get pretty dark and scary. The first one I read was Shadow in the North (that’s the title of the edition I read I think, but it may have had another title previously), and I think that would have given me a few nightmares when I was younger. Some great characters too: I love Jim, and you’re just rooting for Sally from the word go (oh, and there are some splendidly evil villains as well). I think the books deserve to be much better known than they are. And he should write some more.

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