History Carnival XII

History Carnival ButtonOver at Mode for Caleb. Great stuff, naturally!

The next History Carnival will be hosted on 1 August by Will Franklin at WILLisms. Send your nominations to willisms[at]gmail[dot]com.

Carnivalesque ButtonMore exciting news! The next Carnivalesque, which will be the very first ancient and medieval history edition, will also be held in early August at The Cranky Professor. Send nominations to professor[at]crankyprofessor[dot]com.

And if you have a blog and some expertise in pre-modern history, whether you’re a historian, archaeologist, lit scholar, philosopher (etc, etc), or not an academic at all, Carnivalesque is looking for hosts. Julie and I will need an early modern host for early September and an ancient/medieval for early October. If you’re interested, email us at carnivalesque@hotmail.co.uk.



I realised just now when looking at the HC webpage that the Carnival has been in existence for almost exactly six months! (The first one was on 14 January.) Wow.

So there have now been 11 different hosts (I took the opportunity to do it twice). I could probably count the number of bloggers and of posts that have been included, but even I’m not quite that crazy (however, if anyone else is, I’d be interested to know the answer).

Anyway, I’d like to thank you all, hosts and bloggers alike, for helping to get the Carnival established and make it so successful.

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