Bloggy bloggy bloggy

A few recently uncovered blogs, some of which have made it to the blogroll, and some that will soon, eventually, when I remember…

Age of Enlightenment

Pretty Hard, Dammit

Unlocked Wordhoard

Recorded Memory

The Undoctored Past (NB: because of bandwidth problems, this magazine/group blog may be unavailable for the rest of this month)

epistolae unde ambitus (thanks to scribblingwoman)

Wormtalk and Slugspeak

And I don’t think I ever got round to adding Jim and Ellen. Very remiss of me, especially as Ellen’s just posted a review of two filmed adaptations of Emma.

If you’ve recently started up a historically-minded blog that you think I and my readers might like, just leave a link in a comment.

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3 Responses to Bloggy bloggy bloggy

  1. ADM says:

    Hi Sharon — I e-mailed you at the emn address. can’t find your personal one, having done some odd computer things this weekend. COuld you send something to my proper address from yours? thanks!

  2. Sharon says:

    Eek, read that email and then completely forgot about it! Waah! I have no short-term memory! Will be in touch…

  3. Melinama says:

    I visited all of them. Thanks!

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