Conference fever

Well, no matter what else was going on, it was a splendid conference. Mostly.

The trouble was that I was never happy with my paper. (I rewrote the entire conclusion before breakfast, which is never a good sign. And before you ask, I do tend to be self-critical, but not usually this much.) Interesting material of course, so I don’t think anyone was bored, and I got plenty of positive reactions, but one person hit it on the head when she said: you were just getting started when you had to stop. I misjudged my topic and what I could do with it in 30 minutes, basically. A lesson for the future. (And if I’d done the other topic I had in mind when I submitted my proposal, I think it might have fitted in better with a number of the other papers. Something you can’t know beforehand though, of course.)

But there were a lot of really great papers. And at least I came away with plenty of thinking-buzz and lots of references to read up on.

Plus, I met some great new people and got to know some others better. Suck it most definitely did not.

(It’s always particularly nice to meet people who say, oh, are you the Sharon who does that terrific website?!)

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One Response to Conference fever

  1. Brandon says:

    I had a similar problem with the last conference paper I gave. It was a great topic, and I also got a lot of positive response, but it was really too much to manage properly in 25 minutes. In some sense I was defeated by what made the topic good in the first place: it was new, relatively important for interpreting Malebranche, and rich with promise. In the end, too new and too rich.

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