For about 2.5 people in the entire universe, probably

Inspired by the Theses Canada Portal, where you can search and download a copy of any of their universities’ PhD theses since about 1998 (for FREE) – I’ve been looking at this one* (call it light reading for this week’s conference) – and by the discovery that Adobe does a free trial allowing you to create 5 pdf files of your own online, I have finally got around to turning my PhD thesis into a pdf and put it online.

It’s quite a large file, 2MB or so, so if you are one of those 2.5 people who might like to read it but you have a very slow dialup connection, I can send you a copy by email.

* I’ve just discovered that this thesis has been reworked into a book, which has just been published: Gender and petty violence in London 1680-1720. (Extract here.)

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2 Responses to For about 2.5 people in the entire universe, probably

  1. rob says:

    If you download OpenOffice, not only will you get an alternative office suite that’s cool, reliable, open-source and takes up very little space, but you can save any document you like as a .pdf without any problems or limits. It can open and handle M$ formats too, so you won’t have to convert twice.

    Thanks for the links. I may even read your thesis…

  2. Sharon says:

    Rob, that’s a great new toy. (But don’t feel obligated to read the thesis.)

    I indulged in some shameless self-promotion at the conference, anyway. I’m going to make sure that this is not one of those PhDs that’s only ever read by 4 people (author, supervisors, examiners) if it kills me. BCite me.

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