Mooning with Brandon

Or, Things I Love About Blogging, part 3,951.

When looking for something else last week, I came across and skimmed an article at the Beeb website about the optical illusion of the moon looking bigger when it’s low in the sky. Serendipitously enough (dontcha love the word serendipitous? Doesn’t it just roll around the tongue?), a commenter here mentioned the moon looking huge, and I was reminded of the article and just shoved a link to it in a comment in response.

And then another blogger sees the link and writes a big fat blog post about the topic, and what early modern philosophers had to say about it.

I’d also like to direct readers to a great article about the history of blogging and the history of reading by one of my favourite bloggers, Caleb McDaniel, at one of my favourite online journals, Common-place.

One thought on “Mooning with Brandon”

  1. Thanks for the link, interesting (and amusing) to see that the boffins are no nearer solving the puzzle than they were several hundred years ago.

    The perspective and refrence point theory reminds me of Father Ted expaining to Dougal the concepts of very small and far away.

    Must do that thing with the rolled-up magazine next time. Ta.

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