Athens: another email scam

Do you use the Athens password system to access the online resources that your university has subscriptions to? (I do, and I imagine many students and academics in British universities do too.) Well, watch out. According to my university’s weekly email newsletter:

It has been brought to the attention of the Athens team that there is a new Athens scam in progress. A message purporting to come from asks individuals to check their details by viewing an attachment. The attachment seems to contain a virus. Please be assured that Athens does not communicate in this way; the Eduserv Athens Service Desk email address has never been and we only communicate with Athens administrators, not individual Athens users.

PS: in vaguely semi-related news, Spam Karma informs me that the flood of spam comments has suddenly dried up to a trickle. I’ve had only 5 spam comments within the last 3 days. Where did they all go? I should be pleased. But somehow I feel slightly miffed. Not to say snubbed and overlooked.

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