Who has archive fever? They do!

Some historically-minded bloggers who currently have their heads down in the archives and research libraries…

The Improvisatrice

Are you out there too? Or slaving over the microfilm reader? Tell us how you’re getting on!

Me, I have a conference paper to get out of the way (OK, shouldn’t be hard), and there’s a fun conference up the hill later this week, so it’ll be a quiet week archives-wise, I suspect.

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5 Responses to Who has archive fever? They do!

  1. Chris Williams says:

    This is my current headache. I’m dealing with it, though – not least cos I’ve found some nice microfilm Parliamentary Papers, rather than that nasty microcard:

    “This article deals with the period bounded by the first quarter of the nineteenth century and the last quarter of the twentieth; which Lucia Zedner has recently and helpfully identified as ‘the period of the criminal justice state’ – when the state’s claim to the monopoly of force, exerted through the new police, was, despite a number of important caveats, very strong. My intention is to add another caveat to the list and in doing so to point out what I see as one flaw in the notion of a break from a past monolith of monopolistic public policing, to a present or future of market-driven ‘post-Keynsian policing’. ”

    That’ll have ’em foaming at the mouth, won’t it?

    I’ve got to convert the bugger’s references to Harvard, as well, so it’s time for me to learn to use EndNote.

  2. Has anybody got a preference between EndNote and Scribe? Are there other programs out there? Am I the only person in the world who still takes notes longhand on paper?

  3. Sharon says:

    ADM: I’ve only tried EndNote (which I like), so I can’t help on comparisons. And I do still take written notes sometimes… if I haven’t got my computer with me. I think you’re in a steadily dwindling club!

    Chris, by the way, is this for the paper you’re giving at next month’s criminology conference?

  4. Chris Williams says:

    Yes – the paper’s for the British Criminology Conference at Leeds. It’s got a pretty good history stream in it (aside from me) this year.

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