I know this isn’t one of those personal diary blog thingies

But there’s something really annoying about lying awake till 3am panicking that you are shite at everything (I mean absolutely everything), you are not having any ideas and not getting enough work done, so that when you wake up in the morning you are sleepy, have no ideas and can’t get any work done.

Bah. Shite.

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5 Responses to I know this isn’t one of those personal diary blog thingies

  1. Steve says:

    If you’re gonna lie awake (from 10 till 2 sun – thur) then fear not, my all time fave broadcaster of all time deigns to return for an extended run. One hour and you’ll be hooked. Click below and click the ‘play live’ link. There is nothing else like this on radio. Incidentally, this guy is the reason I failed most of my o-levels back in the 80s. And his history knowledge may exceed even yours…


  2. Sorry I missed this, Sharon! But if it helps, you aren’t shite at anything, as far as I can tell!

  3. Sharon says:

    To indulge for a minute, it’s a downside of the independence of the postdoc: there’s no one to give me orders, but by the same token, no one to keep my ego pumped up, and no way of measuring how I’m doing. (I have a mentor to talk to and I do sometimes, but I can’t go whinging to him at 3 in the morning…) I don’t even have the specific end-point of a thesis and a deadline as a focus. So if I’m a bit anxious about where I’m going and whether I’m doing ‘enough’, just sometimes I can end up fretting over it stupidly. And of course, now it’s the summer vac (and my favourite PhD student for hanging out with has completed and submitted his thesis and gone off somewhere), it’s largely deserted around the office.

    That’s all it is really. Feel free to tell me to stop being such a tw*t.

  4. I understand it completely! That’s why I’m so happy to have the blogosphere ;-) I’ve never asked — how does the postdoc thing work for you? is it a limited thing, and then you have to find a lecturer job?

  5. Sharon says:

    The contract runs until September 2006. And then, yes, I have to find another job. Which means I have to start applying this autumn when the lecturer jobs for 2006 will start to be advertised. (This is another reason I get the jitters from time to time…) If nothing comes of those, there seem to be quite a few fixed-term research assistant-type jobs (usually for a year or so) around these days.

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