Shiny New Carnivalesque

Yep, it’s been a bit quiet around here lately. I think it’s likely to be that way for a while. I’m still in the archives, and I will be writing more on that at some point, eventually…

Then I got a “whim” (yes, dangerous, I know) and made a food blog – OK, that didn’t really take very long. And it’s fun.

But something else has been getting a lot more of my attention this week. As I mentioned before, changes are coming to Carnivalesque: it will be a ‘pre-modern’, not just an ‘early modern’ blog carnival. Well, I’ve been working on some really exciting stuff for that:

First: a new webpage! (And I think it’s very pretty, but I would.)

Second: a new partner in crime! Julie Hofmann will be mostly looking after the ancient and medieval history side of things. She’s a medievalist; some of you may know her already as one of the moderators of the H-Teach discussion list, among other things. You can email either of us about anything to do with Carnivalesque at:

And, third: a cute logo!

Carnivalesque logo

(Feel free to copy or hotlink the button either here or at the Carnivalesque page, where you can find the code to put it on your own blog.)


And last, but not least…

The next edition of Carnivalesque is an early modern one, on 5 July. It is being held by Jonathan Dresner at Cliopatria, and you can email your nominations to him at: dresner[at]hawaii[dot]edu

The first ancient and medieval Carnivalesque will be in early August. Start writing…

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3 Responses to Shiny New Carnivalesque

  1. Sharon says:

    But of course… ;)

    (I am totally and idiotically delighted at my little logo. And I think Alun should get some credit for making me think of doing it, by coming up with the one for the History Carnival. BTW, I’ve just seen that one in a list of other carnival buttons and it’s about twice the size of all the rest. It completely dwarfs all their puny efforts! Mwaaa ha ha ha! Alun, you’re a genius!)

  2. Sharon says:

    PS: I have had a few glasses of wine this evening. Does it show?

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