I made a blog in my lunch hour

I finally decided to have a food blog. No frills, no fussing over design, no trying to be clever: just a place to keep links to online recipes that I’m trying out and have liked (I’m fed up of thinking, now where was that great recipe…?), and to put down some of the favourites in my notebooks and recipe books. And it won’t be a food diary exactly, but I might comment on successes and disasters sometimes. And stuff like that.

(Tomorrow night I shall be doing ‘quick’ lemon and olive chicken. I love that recipe.)

So: A Rich Cabinet. (You get extra points if you recognise the reference without looking it up. If you don’t, it’s in here.)

PS: Meant to point out that I’m using Blogsome to host it. I’m quite impressed with this outfit – free hosting and as simple to set up as Blogger, but using WordPress so you have pretty much all of its flexibility behind the scenes. Only a couple of downsides I’ve seen so far (well, you have to put up with advertising, but it’s only a small box at the bottom of the sidebar): there’s no FTP facility (so you can’t add your own plugins), and you can upload images but you can’t overwrite or delete them once you’ve uploaded them. But if you’re fed up with Blogger and don’t want to pay for Typepad, and especially if you understand a little about HTML and CSS but don’t feel up to the whole business of getting your own site and installing WP, this seems pretty good.

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9 Responses to I made a blog in my lunch hour

  1. Gina says:

    about your recipe , is that greek ? sounds like it . anyway I have some awesome greek recipes if you would like to try them .

  2. Sharon says:

    Gina, you need to make sure that you type the URL of your blog right in the comment form (I have edited it for you, but blogsspot.com would take people to something completely different. Oops)…

    The chicken recipe is a Nigel Slater-speeded-up version of something that Claudia Roden (in her Mediterranean Cookery – one of my favourite cookbooks) says is north African.

  3. Claire says:

    I tried Blogsome a while back but it kept going off line. Some of its blogs have been going for yonks and yonks and yonks so it was probably just having a bad spot.

  4. Sharon says:

    I’m finding it very reliable so far (I’m also using it for something else that you’ll all find out about in a few days). Much less cumbersome to navigate around in than Blogger, and way faster. And (I think) a nicer selection of standard templates than Blogger, too, which you can tweak to your heart’s content in the online editor. Shame about not having FTP (or even a proper file manager) though.

  5. Claire says:

    Can you upload your own photographs onto the template? i.e. replace the peppers with something else?

  6. Sharon says:

    You should be able to, no problem. There is a facility for uploading images in the admin interface, and you’d just have to find/create one the right size, upload it, and then change the filename in the right bit in the template. (The time-consuming bit is the finding/creating, which is why I’m leaving it as it is for now.)

  7. Here’s a blog for your new blogroll: Eat Your History

  8. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Jonathan. History + recipes! Cool.

  9. Roger says:

    Thanks for your nice comments about Blogsome. Just to let you know that you can remove the google ad box, if you wish – this is also mentioned in our Forums.


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