Veg of the week

The local shop has piles of small, sweet beetroot.

I’m buying a pan full at a time (simmer gently, whole in their skins, for at least an hour; although I’ll have to try roasting them at some point) for salads or just on the side of a plate. They don’t last long. But, hey, they’re good for you (although apparently if you eat a lot they turn your pee pink…).

Tonight they went with potatoes, hard-boiled egg, spring onion, fresh mint and a salad dressing (olive oil, red wine vinegar, honey, a little of the beetroot liquid, seasoning – this is just a really nice sweet/sharp dressing) to make a very pink and very tasty salad. Yum yum.

(And I just found an interesting BBC recipe. Lunch tomorrow maybe. Update: Very good. And very colourful. Except that I have no idea why the writer wants us to use a blender/food processor for this recipe. It works perfectly well if you simply chop half of the beetroot finely and give it a good vigorous mix in with the mayo. What is it with these TV cooks sometimes? They want you to use every piece of equipment in the kitchen just to make a snack for supper, for chrissakes. They seem to forget that not everyone has dishwashers (machines or humans) to clear up the mess.)

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2 Responses to Veg of the week

  1. liam hogan says:

    Australians tend to put thick slices of beetroot in hamburgers. I don’t know why. My mother tells stories of her childhood in the 1950s, opening tins of beetroot and eating it raw with spoonfuls sugar.
    Your methods beet those two hands down.

  2. david tiley says:

    If one is a certain age in which one is a little concerned about the health of one’s bowels, then beetroot can give you the most terrible scare.

    Other than that, its fine.

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