Last chance for the History Carnival

The tenth History Carnival will be held at Spinning Clio tomorrow, Wednesday 15 June.

Email your nominations for recently published posts about history and related topics, which can be your own writing or that of other bloggers, to the host, Marc Comtois at: spinningclio AT hotmail DOT com (replace AT with @, DOT with . and close up the spaces).

History Carnival Button

Thanks to Alun, the History Carnival now has its own button!

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2 Responses to Last chance for the History Carnival

  1. Claire says:

    And a lovely button it is too.

  2. Sharon says:

    I know, it’s cute isn’t it? And I’m really grateful to Alun for offering it. I just need to sort out hosting for it so I can put a piece of code to link it (for people who don’t have their own server space) on the carnival homepage.

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