A bit more Spam Karma grooviness

(I will shut up about it once the novelty wears off, promise.)

It’s been installed one week and caught over 700 spam already. And this isn’t a high-traffic site. (I know those numbers are peanuts compared to what some bloggers get.) Scary.

However, it also tells me I’ve had nearly 50 real comments in the same time. Which is very groovy too. (And only about a quarter of them were by me, I think. Although at the time of writing this, the Recent Comments list suggests rather more. Hmm.)

It’s great to have all these conversations, and of course the point is that really it’s programs like SK that make it possible. Without them, I’m not sure that I could have comments running at all. Having to deal manually with 100 spam comments every day? Not my idea of a good use of my time.

So I think I might drop off a small donation to Dr Dave, the creator of Spam Karma, some time over the weekend.

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