Carnivalesque update

You might remember that at the last Carnivalesque, I got the host to ask for ideas about where to go with this blog carnival. I was very pleased at the positive responses and the suggestions. So there has been some plotting behind the scenes, and this is where we’ve got to so far:

What’s going to happen is that an early modern Carnivalesque will go ahead pretty much as it is every 2 months. So the next one will be (as per the usual schedule) in early July, either on Sunday 3rd or just after the 4th (to take in anything relevant from that American Independence Day thing). NB: I do have a possible host, but if anyone reading this who’s interested in the early modern period in history would like to do it, please get in touch with me by Friday 8 June.* Email me at:

Then in early August will be the first edition (of many, we hope) of a shiny new bi-monthly blog carnival for things ancient and medieval [insert irreverent joke about your favourite blogging elders here]. This will be under the guidance of a new partner-in-crime (forget anything you read here before about who that might be, OK?). We’re in the early stages of working this out, so there won’t be any more details on that for a little while.

But your input again will be welcome. We have a couple of options here. The two carnivals could simply share the same name, or the new one could have its own identity; if you have any suggestions for a name, just leave a comment. And we will be looking for hosts at some point too – medievalists, ancient historians, archaeologists, lit scholars, non-academics too, as long as you have interests in antiquity and/or the middle ages; you can register an interest in doing that in the comments too.

* I mean Friday 10 June. I keep doing stuff like that with dates lately.

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