Summer in the archives

Blogging here is likely to become less frequent, for a while at least, because I have a lot to get done over the coming months. But you might well be reading something about that. There is something that I’m starting to dig into right now (which I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while) and I’m getting a sort of tingly feeling about it. In fact, I’m rather excited at what I’m finding, although I don’t know what it means yet. So you’ll have to excuse me if I get an unstoppable urge to share my thoughts.

More later.

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5 Responses to Summer in the archives

  1. I hardly ever need to go to archives, except for obscure local history journals found in odd places in Germany. And then, not usually. But I can think of a couple of really great conferences in the UK this summer that I’m just drooling over. Why are the conferences that deal specifically with my stuff always in Britain or Germany in peak travel months? Feh!

  2. aha — accidentally tagged the last comment — should also have read “yes, this is also the snark of jealousy”

  3. Sharon says:

    I lose count of all the conferences in north America that I’d love to go to…

    Being a medievalist in the USA – doesn’t it feel a bit like Cinderella?

  4. david tiley says:

    Damn, I am waiting already…

  5. It really does. When I saw the prosopography conference, I thought, “neat” because you just don’t get that here. But there’s a conference at St Andrews that I really would kill to go to — and will, if I win the lottery!

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