Thanks to Jeremy, I’ve finally got around to replacing my old anti-spam (which is no longer supported) with Spam Karma. Now I just want to test that it’s working, so you could help me out by leaving a comment here. And if it blocks you, please email me (sharon AT

To make it more interesting, you could tell me about something fun that you’re doing or planning to do this weekend. And if you’re not having any fun this weekend, you can moan about that too.

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13 Responses to Spambusting

  1. Danny says:


    Writing up the bits of my dissertation that have slipped through the cracks. Due in six days! Ack.

  2. Marking and packing. And, I hope, finishing my book review so I can blog again!

  3. sepoy says:

    i am going to try and book a flight to Manchester.

  4. Sharon says:

    Oh dear. Somebody somewhere must be having fun, surely?

    (I went to the farmers market and bought rather a lot of bread, most of which has gone in the freezer. That may not sound too interesting, but you haven’t tasted this stall’s bread.)

  5. Jeremy says:

    Well, here’s what I have planned. There’s a new Starbucks near my apartment (as if Northern Virginia needed another Starbucks) so I checked it out this morning. Jill and I just got back from a used book store, which is always nice to visit even if you don’t buy anything. I also need to finish a book review.

    I hope the new spam plugin works well. I need to list all of the plugins I use on my site, and I also need to look into using some other plugins.

  6. tony says:

    I’ve been using Spam Karma since days after changing to WordPress, because when I did that I just started getting so many spam comments. I’ve found it so effective – only one false positive in all that time, and hardly anything slips through. Hope your experience is as good.

  7. Ancarett says:

    Took eldest out for her first riding lesson! Visit my blog for a picture and further details.

  8. Muninn says:

    Hey, good luck with your spam plugin. I’m hanging in Seoul to learn Korean, trying to expand the number of menu items in local hole-in-the-wall restaurants that I can recognize and find a few standard items I like.

  9. chris says:

    well,as my email and blog suggests, i’m a faded streetsinger who won’t croon gently into that good night. i’ve been up around port townsend strumming old bert jansch n j renbourn stuff and amusing the locals with my impenetrable london accent. i also picked up a new guitar dammit – didnt mean to but as i was driving back i saw what looked like a guitar shack so i pulled in and they were so nice and accommodating, i stayed and checked out a few Taylors and Takamines. there was a geezer there buying for his dad and asked me to play a baby Taylor, so i did and the bloke bought it, just on my strumming. $1500 bucks’ worth; blimey. So that got *me* going, right? And I ended up with a lovely cutaway that plays itself. cost me over $2G, bloody hell, so i’d better keep passing the hat round for another few weeks. Ooh, the missus will kill me – I’ll pretend it only cost $1500 and maybe get her something nice from Vict Secret, mollify her.

    Right, then – i hope your spam thingie works ok. nice little blog you got here – C

  10. Ralph Luker says:

    I’m fooling myself into thinking that Cliopatria will become a little engine that runs itself and I can get back to doing a long introductory essay for my volume of Vernon Johns’s essays, sermons, and speeches. My editor at Cambridge has long since lost all faith in me, I’m afraid.

  11. Ralph — as a kind-hearted person just told me … priorities! Cliopatria will wait.

  12. Sharon says:

    Yay! SK ate a bunch of evil spam!

    Love its terminology: the spam got “retro-spanked”. Oo-er missus.

  13. wolfangel says:

    I am NOT visiting any houses at all this weekend!

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