Reading this at work?

The latest annoyance in my spam email folder: a host of emails purporting to be from webmaster (or something similar) @earlymodernweb telling me in the title that my email account has been suspended for security reasons, or something similar (see below). It’s not hard to conclude that these are either phishing mails or contain viruses, seeing as I am the webmaster/host/admin of the domain earlymodernweb. (I’m not opening them to find out what’s inside, thank you very much.) But I can also imagine that this tactic could potentially be quite effective if they get into the mailboxes of people within larger organisations (and the organisation’s anti-spam isn’t up to scratch). We’ve learnt all about mails pretending to be from banks/Ebay/Amazon to try to get our personal details, and we’ve been warned about opening attachments from unknown sources – but if an email looks as though it’s come from amid the faceless bureaucracy of our own employers, will we be quite so careful?

You might want to be very cautious if you’re reading your emails at work and you get one that looks like that. (In particular, don’t click on any attachments that it might contain.)

The titles in today’s mailbox:

*WARNING* Your Email Account Will Be Closed
Your Email Account is Suspended For Security Reasons

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