My Viking name

I am now “Þórný , the One who will be killed before the opening credits start when Hollywood makes the movie version of this raid”. (NB: Þ is the letter ‘thorn’, pronounced th.)

Thanks to Alun for the Viking name generator.

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10 Responses to My Viking name

  1. Apparently, I’m Gróa Saxonsbane.

  2. Ralph Luker says:

    Does that mean ADM is bane of the Saxons? I tried several alternatives and came up as either: Eystein the Angry or Hrolf the Berserk.

  3. That would make so much sense, considering what my specialty is!

  4. Sharon says:

    Ralph, do I see a pattern emerging? ;)

  5. Escalus says:

    Yes, thorn is pronounced as ‘th’ except that in early modern England ‘th’ was pronounced as ‘t’ or so I am told. It seems that Ye Olde Tearoom is not pronounced ‘The Old Tearoom’ but Te Old Tearoom, as it is still in the better parts of Yorkshire.

  6. david tiley says:

    Mine is Ásbjórn the Ill-starred.

    That’s the Viking version of Marvin the Paranoid Android.


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  8. david tiley says:

    ADM – do you play the saxonphone?

  9. Nope — it’s academically appropriate!

  10. Sharon says:

    Dave, I don’t know whether I ought to have you banned for perpetrating such an awesomely bad pun. Or give you an award.

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