This is why I should remember to trackback more often*

This morning, there’s a trackback from Alun of Archaeoastronomy (to the ranty Big Words post of the other week. Readers of C18-L will know that they’ve been, quite coincidentally, chatting about this topic for a few days too. It’s been remarkably civilised, for C18-L.)

Anyway, Alun has some very interesting things to say about the big words question, but more than that, this is a blog that’s a welcome addition to my blogroll. You can check out the lovely archaeology posts, lament the declining standards of graffiti in the Classics Library loos, and whet your appetite with the ‘Coming Posts’ section in the sidebar, a novelty to me anyway and a sign of admirable blogging discipline. (Although I can tell you that, if I can actually get it finished, I have a post about disputes between neighbours over straying livestock coming up.)

Plus, it seems that he came across my post in the History Carnival. See, being included does get you noticed. Get your entries in!

*I mean, apart from the ones that the WP software automatically sends to other WP blogs.

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