Things I forgot to listen to last night

So I am suitably grateful to the Beeb’s website and RealPlayer for the chance to catch up. Last night, Radio 4 broadcast Part 2 of Things we forgot to remember, on the Spanish Armada (well, Armadas: that’s part of the point). Direct link to the sound file (or go here). And you can get a full transcript too.

Splendid stuff.

Man, there are some seriously posh people in this programme.

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One Response to Things I forgot to listen to last night

  1. Chris Williams says:

    Yeah well, I toyed with the idea of going on it myself. Lucky I didn’t try to get onto that episode, wasn’t it? In Aga-filled kitchens all over the land, nice people with cats would have turned off in their droves as some oik suddenly piped up in estuareese.

    On the other hand, I am seriously kicking myself that I didn’t insinuate myself onto the Apollo 8 one. Portillo got to meet David Scott. How cool would that have been? But I suppose I’d probably just have mumbled something about not being worthy, then asked for his autograph.

    Episode 1 got on Pick of the Week! I danced around the kitchen drinking wine for some time.

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