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I’m going through the blog (slowly) and putting various links into the New Links page at Early Modern Resources. Eventually they’ll make their way into the ‘proper’ pages. These have been updated in the last few days:

Crime, law and order
Politics, rebellions, revolutions
Reference section

I’m wondering though, before I go any further, if it’s about time for a real overhaul this summer. EMR is still based on static HTML (and on a set of categories I thought up several years ago when it was much, much smaller), and I think it’s just getting too big for that to be practicable any more. Thanks to WordPress, the wonderful world of PHP and dynamic web pages is not quite as foreign to me as it was, but it still seems a big step. (Whenever I look at MySQL/PHP tutorials they scare the crap out of me.) Unless anyone can recommend some good (and not ridiculously expensive) software that’s easy to use and would be suitable for doing this kind of thing? Any advice from the more tech-savvy out there?

(I’ve looked at WordPress itself, but I’m not convinced that it’d be able to do the job I want. Or am I wrong?)

This site is a good example of one that started out as static HTML and converted to a database (a couple of years ago now). It’s bigger than EMR, but I do look at it with some envy. How difficult would it be to build something along those lines?

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3 Responses to Site housekeeping

  1. Claire says:

    Whatever you do Sharon I think it’ll be lovely. :)

  2. Jeremy says:

    The more I poke around WordPress, the more impressed I am with it as a content management system. The VOS site is pretty extensive, but it doesn’t seem that complicated. I’ll talk to a few people at CHNM, who are FAR better at PHP/MySQL than I and see what they think.

  3. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Jeremy. (I remembered the Western Civ Webography last night, and was thinking of emailing you.) I’ve now poked around a bit in CPanel and I have something called phpMyAdmin for MySQL databases, which looks as though it should make things a bit easier? I’m guessing that in fact it would be possible to use WP by stripping out the specifically ‘blog’ elements (date headers, comments), but in some ways that seems a bit pointless – might as well get something tailored to my needs and learn a bit about PHP at the same time…

    Claire, I love your confidence in me. ;)

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