Bad history and good history

The next Carnival of Bad History will be at Science and Politics on 31 May.

Have you seen lately an egregious example of miunderstanding or misuse of history? Was history botched in a movie or TV show you just saw? Was a book or article trying to rewrite history for artistic or political purposes? Does watching History Channel drive you crazy?

You have until 30 May to write about what’s been annoying you most lately and submit it, or something you’ve read on another blog, to: *coturnix1 AT aol DOT com* or *badhistory AT aol DOT com*.

And on 1 June I’ll be hosting the History Carnival. Broader remit here; all sorts of ‘good’ history welcome! Email me with nominations: sharon AT

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2 Responses to Bad history and good history

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  2. Sharon says:

    Not entirely sure why this trackback has come to this post (as well as to the other one), but with compliments like that, I’m not deleting either of them… ;)

    And it should be said that the scribblingwoman is no slouch herself when it comes to posting eighteenth-century resources. Amongst other things.

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