Quiet Aberystwyth?

The brass band is out on its rounds. (And was that the sergeant-major yelling? Nice pair of lungs anyway.) I mean, it’s a perfectly good brass band. But tough luck if you’re in bed recovering from last night’s session in the pub…

There’s some pop music coming from somewhere (on and off). And something that sounded like aerobics practice from roughly the same source a couple of hours ago. If I’m right and it’s on the prom, that can only mean one thing. The summer season is coming and so the Sunday afternoon torture will soon begin.

(Oh, yeah, and the seagulls on the roof are still providing their inimitable accompaniment.)

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One Response to Quiet Aberystwyth?

  1. Steve says:

    I’ve just read your Sunday afternoon link there. It reminds of a time when myself and a couple of beer buddies went on a day out to Blackpool back in the early nineties. It was an hour by coach and during the trip the weather went from bright sunshine to torrential downpour. Off the coach, we took refuge in the South (I think) Pier and a large bar-come entertainment place. No sooner had we ordered three pints, dried off and sat down than we realised that coming over the PA was a medley of wartime songs done to an eighties “Stars on 45” disco-lite backing track. “Roll out the Barrel”, “We’re Gonna Hang Out our Washing…” etc. You’ve never seen drinks sunk so fast, and it was back out into the rain and the search for another boozer.

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