Convicts in uniforms?

Now that a government minister has suggested that convicts should wear uniforms to make them more visible, it has struck me that I could do a regular column:

Hanging Not Punishment Enough, For Politicians Today.

And it were well, if a Particular Habit (Black the most proper Colour) were assigned them [convicted murderers and robbers], at least at their Executions; and that they might not be suffered to make their Exits in Gay Clothes (as they sometimes do li[k]e Men that Triumph) but rather as becomes Those, who are just going to undergo the Curse of the Law, and that are intended to be a Warning to Others. These things to some may look too little to be taken notice of; but let such Men be told, That little things do often greatly affect. [p. 21]

(And dammit, just spotted a typo in my transcript.)

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  1. Steve says:

    The future’s bright…

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