History Carnival is coming

Final call! Just a few hours left to send your suggestions!

The next History Carnival will be at St Nate’s Blog on Sunday 15 May!

Email your nominations – your own blogwriting or that of other bloggers to: saint_nate AT hotmail DOT com (replace AT with @, DOT with . and close up the spaces), by the end of Saturday.

To remind you of what we’re looking for:

History is an enormous subject, and we hope a wide range of blogs and topics can be represented so that there will always be something familiar and something unexpected for everyone. It must be stressed that it’s not just for academics and specialists, that entries certainly don’t have to be heavyweight scholarship. But they do have to uphold certain standards of factual accuracy and integrity in the use of sources. All submissions will be vetted by the host, whose decision is final. They may be focused on a historical topic, on the author’s particular research interests or, alternatively, they may be reflections on the particular challenges and rewards of studying, researching and teaching history. Other examples of possible candidates for inclusion could include reviews of history books or web resources, discussions of ‘popular’ histories (films, dramas and documentaries, novels, etc).

You should include in your email: the title and permalink URL of the blog post you wish to nominate and the author’s name (or pseudonym) and the title of the blog.

You can submit multiple suggestions, but please try not to submit more than one post by any individual author for each Carnival (with the exception of multi-part posts on the same topic). Unless you really can’t bear to choose.

The posts should have been published recently, certainly within the previous month, and preferably since the date of the last Carnival (1 May).

And finally, please pass on the word!

(NB: this post is going to get bumped back up to the top of the page from time to time over the next few days, so you don’t forget…)

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2 Responses to History Carnival is coming

  1. Ralph Luker says:

    Sharon, I’ve sent 3 nominations to St. Nate, but that’s only a drop in the bucket.

  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Ralph. I’ll be sending some along today or tomorrow. The more the merrier! (Besides, as you may know, St Nate is doing the next Skeptics’ Circle and that gets zillions of nominations, so I don’t want us history bloggers to look too lame by contrast…)

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