Transcribing not punishment enough

Yes, I bring you the promised pamphlet Hanging not punishment enough. Once again, I’m really grateful to the reader who sent me a copy. (I might write a bit more about it later…)

If you want to make use of it, you should read the editorial note quite carefully; as I say there, I don’t think that this transcription is really suitable for in-depth advanced research. But it should be useful for teaching or for students.

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  1. rob says:

    As there is a Resemblance between the Natural and Politick Body, it may be well if our Legislators would proceed in the same manner that the Physitians do, who remove some particular Distempers by rectifying the whole Mass of Blood.

    I’ve literally just put down Mary Poovey’s (great) Making the Social Body, which has a lot of rumination on the significance and contradictions of bodily metaphors in the emergence of 1830s-> social scientific approaches. Have you read it? A lot of her arguments are highly historically-specific, so it might be interesting to compare and contrast what she says about “modern” (by which she tends to mean early-C19th onwards) approaches with the function of this kind of imagery in an earlier period. Maybe someone’s already done this? Just a thought!

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