On Mothers Day: early modern maternity

Advice books
The Countess of Lincoln’s nurserie (1622)
Dorothy Leigh, The mother’s blessing (1616) (extracts only)

Anne Bradstreet
In reference to her children
Before the birth of one of her children

The churching of women
1662 Prayer Book (thanks to Tony for reminding me of this)
1559 Prayer Book

(M)others and selves
Mother’s legacy
Mothers and maternity in early modern England (course description)
Authorial strategies of Jacobean mothers’ manuals
Motherhood as intellectual enterprise in mother’s legacy books
Delivering childbirth
Ghost mothers
Churching of women (also from Tony)
Pregnancy and childbirth bibliography

To be updated…

(Just noted: the Celebration of Women Writers project now has its own blog.)


(As Rob points out, this is the American Mothers’ Day. But since I forgot to do anything for ours back in March (or whenever it was), I’ll happily take the excuse to post these now…)

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  1. mjones says:

    American, and Canadian, eh?

    Great links, as always. I just posted a link.

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