The morning after

(Like everyone won’t be using that title. Pah to originality.)

Here in sunny Ceredigion we have a new MP today – a 6% swing from Plaid to the Lib Dems to give them a tiny majority. It was so close there was a recount – the excitement, eh? Over the last 10 years, I’ve seen the work that the local Lib Dems put into this constituency; looks like it’s finally paid off, though I wonder how long they can hold on. Still, I now appear to be perched on the edge of a sea of yellow. (The Lib Dems also took Cardiff Central and Cambridge, two more constituencies with substantial student populations. To what extent do voters tend to stay with their first-time choices? Because if they do, then attracting the ever-expanding student population would seem to make rather good long-term sense…)

I learnt the other day that for a good part of the 20th century Ceredigion had two Liberal parties (something to do with a pro- and anti-Lloyd George schism in the early part of the century). This place never ceases to amaze and entertain me.

Oh, and because of having to get up this morning and teach (and I was bored), I went to bed just after the Ceredigion result came through. So I missed the fun of Galloway’s tirade. And then, dammit, only one of my students turned up this morning, so I called off the class anyway. I am a little pissed off about that.

Just noticed Channel 4’s cartoon gallery. I don’t think there are many budding Gillrays, Rowlandsons or Hogarths in there, but it’s quite fun.

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