How is it for you?

Yep, finally got my new theme in working order. It looks good in Firefox, IE and Opera, and it even seems to work on a lower resolution screen (ie, without pushing the sidebar down to the bottom of the screen). But if you use another browser (or a Mac) and weird things are happening, please let me know.

It’s not exactly a radical change. I just fancied a slightly different colour scheme (I might tweak it a bit further). But it’s surprising how much work that can create when you’re as much of an amateur as I am. (This is very very loosely based on one called Dark Maple that I found here; I thought it was really pretty, but I didn’t want the whole package.)

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11 Responses to How is it for you?

  1. profgrrrrl says:

    On a Mac and all seems well here :)

  2. Sharon says:

    Great. :)

    I’ve got a question for the experts though. I’m having trouble with getting my blockquotes to format properly; the font size should be slightly smaller than the main text and (from where I am anyway), it isn’t (see here). As a test, I tried out a different font face, and that didn’t work either; but the rest of the formatting works fine. I’ve looked at the WP support forums and people often seem to have problems with font in blockquotes, but I couldn’t find anything quite like this (well, there were similar sounding ones, but the suggested solutions didn’t work).

  3. Sharon says:

    Actually, I’m not sure that all of the rest of the blockquote formatting is working properly. And I hadn’t noticed until just now that something was up with the font formatting in comments too (working on that). Hmm. Why does noticing one problem always lead to another?

    … Adds (because that’s quite enough rambling comments about me trying to work CSS): I think both issues are fixed. And I learnt a bit more about CSS. And that there really are a lot of pointless fragments of markup in the stylesheet as I originally acquired it – ghosts from former versions, maybe? (After all, I excised the calendar a couple of months ago but haven’t deleted any of the stylesheet formatting for it…)

  4. Jeremy says:

    My stylesheet is unbelievably bloated, so I know what you mean. Instead of deleting things, I comment them out, so I have lots of commented-out styles that I need to get rid of.

    Nice work on the new template. And it looks good on a Mac, in Firefox, Safari, and IE 5.

  5. Sharon says:

    I went through and deleted quite a bit. It’s all much cleaner now. I feel rather sleek and contented. (And if I ever want any stuff back, it’s all there in the files for the old style anyway.)

  6. Jeremy says:

    One thing I would recommend is that you actually add a font size to your p tag, and most of your other most-used inline text elements (a, ul, ol, li, cite, abbr, h1, h2, h3, et cetera). I’ve noticed that this helps keep the font sizes fairly predictable across browsers. I have a few links on my home machine that I can send you that discuss problems with font sizing on browsers.

  7. SHaron — it seems to be broken! The links on the right don’t show in the main site, just when I go to a permalink!

  8. Ralph Luker says:

    Life for all of us is better when Sharon is sleek and contented.

  9. Sharon says:

    Jeremy: From that I’m guessing it’s the main text in posts that’s varying? Anything else? I can’t see any significant differences between Firefox and IE, so I’m a bit in the dark here. The trouble is that setting a font size to the p tag is exactly what seems to override the font sizing in blockquote. If you have a solution to that, I’ll put it back in. I’m currently relying on classes and divs to do much of the font sizes; if you tell me that’s a Bad Thing I shall probably not like you any more. (And I shall be much less contented.) As for the rest, nearly all of those elements are already sized. (But any useful links are welcome anyway.)

  10. Sharon says:

    ADM: are they not there at all, or have they been shoved down below the main column? This was the big problem I had yesterday, and I thought I’d fixed it. Dammit dammit dammit. (What’s your browser?)

  11. Jeremy says:

    I wouldn’t dare tell you it’s a bad thing! :) Anything to keep you sleek and contented. It actually looks fine to me; I made the recommendation only in case you saw some problems, and/or it wasn’t working well in PC browsers.

    Here’s a screenshot on my iMac (in Firefox). The blockquote font is smaller than the regular text.

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