Carnivalesque: last call

Carnivalesque, the blog carnival for early modernists, will be held tomorrow, Friday 6 May.

If you have blogged something interesting about the ‘early modern’ period (c.1500-1800, and contributions slightly outside those terminus points will be considered too), or have read something good in someone else’s blog, since about the beginning of March, please do send your suggestions to Nathanael Robinson (Rhine River) today at: rhineriver AT earthlink DOT net *

Entries do not have to be long or particularly scholarly, although they should consist of more than just links or quotes; we’re looking for good interesting writing, whether your interests are in history, literature, art, or some other field.

* NB: don’t do what I did earlier and forget to de-obfuscate the address: replace AT with @ and DOT with . and close up the spaces.

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