Thomas Carew also has a few demands

To Another Damned Medievalist…


GIVE me more love or more disdain ;
   The torrid or the frozen zone
Bring equal ease unto my pain,
   The temperate affords me none :
Either extreme of love or hate,
Is sweeter than a calm estate.

Give me a storm ; if it be love,
   Like Danaë in that golden shower,
I swim in pleasure ; if it prove
   Disdain, that torrent will devour
My vulture-hopes ; and he’s possess’d
Of heaven, that’s but from hell released.
      Then crown my joys or cure my pain :
      Give me more love or more disdain.

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4 Responses to Thomas Carew also has a few demands

  1. I’m so enjoying this … I’m starting to think I should start indicating my life’s moods through poetry. This one has been known to hit home in a big way ;-)

  2. Sharon says:

    This is fun, isn’t it? Although I think there are probably other things I should have been doing…

  3. Er, yes. I have papers to mark (promised to be returned on Monday), a dog to walk and bathe, and a wall in my office that must be painted in order to get the bloody house on the market …

    But this is more fun!

  4. Ancarett says:

    Another great choice. I have the advantage that all my marking is over (booyah! as the cartoon characters say) and I am enjoying gearing back up for my research/writing.

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