Poetry update!

Yes, it’s turning into a clash of the Titans:

ADM weighs in marvellously
Ancarett rallies to top that

So, come on folks. Let’s take this National Poetry Month thing out with a bang. Which are your favourite poets from the 16th to 18th centuries?* (Metaphysical fans especially welcome. Nabakov, you can have Wilmot, just exercise some discretion… I mean, not all his poetry is about c*cks and c*nts, right?)

Blog ’em and let me know; if you don’t have a blog, leave a comment with a name, link (if it’ll let you), short passage. Hey, if I can work out how to use them online polling things, maybe we’ll even have a vote later?

Oh, if you know of other postings of early modern poetry (or blogged some yourself) in the last month, drop us a line too!

Found a spot of Sir Philip Sidney this morning…
A Shakespeare brain-teaser from Graham
Plus, Robert Herrick doesn’t want much, from ADM
Ancarett brings us Thomas Wyatt

More Donne
Scroll forward to the end of the 18th century: Miriam has a little fun with Blake

This is a nice introduction to the metaphysical poets.

(And you get extra credit if you spotted the really bad puns in this post.)


* I’ll let medieval poets in, but I’m not having any of that modern stuff. (By modern, I mean anything after the Romantics, really.)

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7 Responses to Poetry update!

  1. Shoot — no Philip Larkin?

  2. I’ve posted a little early modern poetry puzzle for those with time on their hands . . .

  3. And I’ve upped the ante — tag-team poetry at my place?

  4. Chris Williams says:

    So you won’t be wanting Macauley’s epic on the Armada, then? More like McGoonagle, in fact:

    ‘Attend, all thee to list to hear our noble England’s praise;
    I tell of thrice famous deeds she wrought in ancient days,
    When that great fleet invincible against her bore in vain
    The richest spoils of Mexico, the stoutest hearts of Spain.’

    There are far worse bits, but for some reason I was copying up the best bits.

    (McKellan’s Richard III rocks, incidentally)

  5. Yeah it is. Have you seen Billy Connoly quoting McGoonagle? In one of his travel programs …

    And yes, RIII does rock.

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