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The Bloggernacle Times popped up in my feeds this morning, and a really interesting read it is too. And it seems to have integrated two somewhat different forms of publishing: it’s a (group + guests) blog, with full commenting facilities, but it has more of the structure of a magazine. (The articles are published in weekly issues each Monday, with a few editorial/admin posts on other dates.)

Are there many magazine-blogs like that out there? I can’t think of any quite like it at the moment, but it strikes me as a really fertile kind of hybrid with a lot of possibilities. If I were less busy, it’d be rather fun to set one up for historians…

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  1. Dave says:

    Sharon, thanks for the post! Yes, BT is sort of a hybrid: a thinly disguised group blog, but with edited posts that are hopefully a cut above the average blog post, and contributors that are drawn from across the fairly close-knit LDS blogging community. Must have been Rosalynde’s recent post (mentioning the Essex affair and Elizabethan politics) that popped up on your reading list.

  2. Sharon says:

    Indeed it was. (I have a bloglines search thingummy set up for the phrase “early modern”. Lots of dross, and other sorts of ‘early modern’, but sometimes really nice things come along too.)

  3. Ralph Luker says:

    Sharon, How would a net-magazine in history differ from, on the one hand, History News Network, which posts basically once a week on the mainpage, or John Holbro’s literary site, The Valve, which posts regularly through the week?

  4. Sharon says:

    Ralph, meant to respond earlier, but got distracted. What I have in mind would be different from HNN’s mainpage in being focused on ‘history’ (and historiography, pedagogy etc), rather than discussions that mostly focus on current issues (though historically informed, of course). And I might like it to be slightly less overwhelmingly American than HNN, too…

    It might well be a bit like a historians’ version of The Valve, except for the idea of coming out just once a week. I like the combination of the regular magazine schedule (giving just a small number of a variety of types of post) with blog style comment and discussion. I particularly like the way that the Bloggernacle Times is bringing in guest writers (which can give a space to people who don’t have time to maintain blogs of their own, or who do differnt things on their own blogs). I suppose I just think it would be an interesting experiment. After all, surely the motto of blogging is ‘why not’?

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